Emergency contact number  : 514-820-9155

The team is made up of qualified technicians that stay up to date by taking training courses in their respective field of expertise. In fact, the company demands this continuing education in order to insure installation effectiveness, technical support swiftness and global knowledge of problem solving and possibilities when with a client.

Technical resources are endowed with vehicles containing pieces and tools necessary for installations and defect diagnostics. Belley Expert also owns devices for certifying installations, allowing to establish the length of each cable run or optical fibre and to insure optimal signal quality.

The company has a construction entrepreneur license, given by the Régie du bâtiment du Québec, allowing to work on different sites for clients.

Belley Expert Inc’s telecommunications service range includes the ones below, but is definitely not limited to them.

  • selling of phone systems, vocal messaging services and maintenance contracts (IP or conventional phone systems);
  • telephone consultations;
  • set up, service and maintenance of any brand of phone system;
  • integration of computer systems related to the telephone field (CTI : Computer Technology Integration);
  • call centers;
  • structured cabling, voice and data with copper cables or optical fibre;
  • wireless networks – inside or outside;
  • antenna, CATV cable and video camera installation;
  • alarm system installation;
  • video conference;

Belley Expert is partnered with many great important companies. If you ever need assistance in a technological field in which Belley is not specialized, Belley Expert will be happy to refer you to one of its partners.