Emergency contact number  : 514-820-9155

Founded in 1995, Belley Expert Inc., a private enterprise, is specialized in the telecommunications field. Located in Granby, the company serves Montreal and the greater Montreal area as well as Ontario.

The enterprise has been expanding ever since its beginnings. With time and its renowned name, Belley Expert has conducted business with manufacturers such as AVAYA, Siemon and Panasonic. This experience has allowed Belley Expert to become a reseller and an authorized service center for these leaders. Tested products, advanced technologies and excellent technical support are what Belley is sure to get from these manufacturers, which is what customers expect.

From small & mid-sized businesses to large enterprises and the public and parapublic field, Belley Expert’s clientele is greatly diversified. The company also works for health-care providers, hotels, manufacturers and service based businesses.

Belley Expert’s approach to its clients is characterized by the profound desire to maintain long term work relations. Taking care of its clients and the references given by them is the perfect proof! For Belley, a profitable industry, a healthy competition, and an enterprise in good financial health are proof of longevity and allow steady and long-lasting partnerships.

The company is shaped by the following features: quality customer service, competent technical resources, original solutions and exceptional rapidity to act upon problematic situations, which is pretty much a daily routine with service centers.

All things considered, Belley Expert is a good trustworthy choice as a partnership, from which you can be assured to obtain good quality products, service and solutions.